Plan 9

Rock ‘n’ Roll


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Members of the Historical Archive Committee of the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame are researching and documenting the career of these important Ocean State artists. When work is completed, we will be posting an in-depth biography and complete discography on this page. In the meantime, please enjoy this introduction to their work.

Vocalist/guitarist Eric Stumpo founded Plan 9 in 1979 while teaching at the String Instrument Workshop in Wakefield. Students and friends who hung around the store including his life-partner, organist/vocalist Deborah DeMarco, rehearsed ‘60s Garage Rock and Psychedelic covers there. The band’s long touring and recording career began soon after rehearsal tapes were sent to Greg Shaw of Bomp Records resulting in their first single, “Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye” in 1981 followed by the Frustration EP on Bomp subsidiary Voxx. Shaw sponsored tours which led to their Manhattan debut at The Peppermint Lounge. Three indie albums followed establishing them as pioneers of Neo-Psychedelia and forerunners of the Paisley Underground. In 1985, they signed with Enigma/Pink Dust Records whose distribution deal with Capitol/EMI propelled them into the international market for a three-album run beginning with the landmark LP Keep your Cool and Read the Rules. In a 2010 online article, “Artist of the Week: Plan 9,” Reverend Matt commented that “…the layering of anywhere between three and five guitars and the interweaving of Deborah DeMarco’s swirling organ lines” demonstrates that “…the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts,” bringing “the listener’s mind to the outer limits of psychedelia.”